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Planting line: HyA – HyB – HyC

Hydroplan-EB gel is a superabsorbent polymer, specially developed for agriculture, which helps optimize the use of water for irrigation and thereby help to conserve this natural resource.

While dry, the product has a white, granulated appearance, but when hydrated, it takes on the form of a transparent gel. Hydroplan-EB gel retains large amounts of water in its structure, functioning as a reservoir that stores water (and whatever is dissolved in the water, such as pesticides and fertilizers) near the roots, making the solution readily available to the plants as they require it. Like any reservoir, when emptied, it needs to be refilled, and this occurs with rainfall or irrigation.

It is recommended for forestry/silviculture, horticulture, floriculture, coffee growing, citrus and general fruit farming, sugarcane crops, lawns, landscaping , hydroseeding, seedling production and transport, bare root protection, and floral decoration, among others.


There are many advantages in using this gel, among which we highlight the following:

• Reduction of frequency and/or volume of water used for irrigation; • Increased rate of "setting" of the seedlings in the field; • Reduced losses of water and nutrients; • Reduced evaporation of water in the soil; • Improves the physical properties of soils and substrata, making them more porous; • Fosters plant growth; • Decreases the possibility of plants reaching the permanent wilting point and/or dying.

Hydroplan-EB gel comes in different particle sizes. The recommendation of the ideal product and the most appropriate dose depends on the soil type, cultivation system, climate, plant, plant development stage, water quality, application system, and application site diagnostics.

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