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HB10 is a fully water-soluble polymer developed to increase the efficiency of irrigation.

The product is able to make the water viscous, decrease its percolation rate, improve its distribution at the root level and add fine suspended particles in the soil, stabilizing its structure without changing it, thereby minimizing the amount of loose particles on the surface that are likely to be carried away by wind or rainwater runoff.

With HB10, water applied in irrigation is better utilized, and remains closer to the roots, spending more time available to the plants.


The advantages of using HB10 can be summarized as follows:

  • Combats soil erosion;
  • Improves the distribution and use of water by the plants;
  • Helps reduce losses of nutrients and pesticides by surface water runoff or leaching;
  • Increases irrigation efficiency;
  • Reduces the volume of water used for irrigation by 20 to 50%.

HB10 has high performance and low cost; it can be used in all irrigation systems and applied whenever the crops are irrigated.

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