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PRO HN Foliar Fertilizer

PRO HN is an organo-mineral foliar fertilizer produced from peat (source of organic matter) and mineral nutrients essential for plant growth and development. 

Its distinguishing feature is that it provides nutrients readily available to plants, plus humic substances originating from the organic matter, such as humic acid, fulvic acids and humins. These substances stimulate the production of natural plant hormones and serve as transport vehicles for plant nutrients, facilitating uptake and translocation. 

When metabolized, they accelerate the production of energy and increase photosynthesis, as well as stimulate rooting and improve the overall health of the plant. 

Advantages in using PRO HN foliar fertilizer:

  • Improves plant nutrition;
  • Faster recovery of plants under stress conditions;
  • More vigorous and resistant plants;
  • Greater crop uniformity and higher yield
By providing a foliar fertilizer of high quality and purity, natural and environmentally friendly like PRO HN, Hydroplan-EB offers growers the opportunity to acquire a unique and specific product for their needs, whether to supplement the supply of nutrients or to correct one or more nutritional deficiencies in certain stages of crop development.

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