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Presentation / Positioning

Initially focused on solutions for the optimization of water resources in agriculture, Hydroplan-EB has shown significant growth since it was founded – as a result of its pioneering spirit and innovation.

This is due to constantly updated information, use of skilled labor, high-performance products, successful partnerships, and proximity to customers, for whom it develops tailored solutions and formulas – all of which has allowed for considerable and solid strengthening of the brand.

Hydroplan-EB undergoes ongoing development, investing in research, infrastructure and sustainability, and confirming its ability to deliver innovative solutions for agriculture.

Our mission is to develop technology through intelligent solutions that respect the environment and allow sustainability of production systems.


The official corporate name is "Empresa de Base & Distribuidora Ltda.", but it is traditionally known by its trademark "Hydroplan-EB". The company was founded in 1999, and has achieved national and international recognition for its innovative work in developing various products and solutions with a focus on production system efficiency.

Its growth is the result of the management model implemented by its founders, members of the Jamal Group, which has been present in important segments of the economy since 1957 and is a benchmark in the market for timber, plywood and hardware.

The group contributed significantly to Hydroplan-EB's commitment to entrepreneurship. In 1981, the Group entered the agricultural sector, acquiring the "Barão de Cocaes" Farm in the city of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo (SP). Besides the production of sugarcane and coffee, the property is also used for cattle breeding and eucalyptus plantations. That same year, the Jamal Group acquired CENTERBRÁS-AG, one of the largest business centers in São Paulo, with an area of 35,000 square meters, where Hydroplan-EB is currently headquartered.